" My experience with Lisa has been exceptional since the very moment she stepped into my home. She embodied a five star business approach because of who she is and how she engaged with me as her client. Her knowledge, professionalism, and confidence combine with an approachable and down to earth sensibility. Knowing the kind of large scale projects and budgets she works with, one may feel intimidated and assume that a lower budget project may not interest her. However, this was not my experience. My project is a low budget primarily because my spouse will be doing all the work himself, in his spare time. It means a longer timeframe from start to finish and lots of questions for Lisa. It also means that we need details details details. What to buy, where to buy and pictures of what final products should look like. All this to re-decorate virtually every room in the house! She provided the usual kinds of recommendations one would expect such as furniture, fabric and paint ideas which were all gorgeous and aligned to my personal decorating style. However, she really wowed me in the little personal touches she added to her story boards that tied into the design and aligned with our personalities and styles (e.g. vintage pieces for me, and handsome furniture pieces for my spouse). In addition, she put herself in my shoes as the hostess in my business and made lovely suggestions to incorporate that would make my guests feel appreciated. Lisa's encouragment, passion and support is apparent every time we connect. Two other points that cannot go unmentioned is the exceptionally reasonable price we agreed on for the services. When she presented the story boards to me it brought me to tears. I could see the hours of work and attention to detail she put in to the project and every suggestion was beautiful and thoughtful. I never dreamed of such a wonderful outcome. Her designs leave me breathless every time I go over them.  Lisa Clark Design is a firm I would not hesitate to recommend to anyone interested and I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to work with her. Thank you Lisa!"  -Shannon M


"Lisa was able to understand and make amazing recommendations to influence the "farm house" style we are trying to achieve, while staying on track with the budget. She has helped me come up with a floor plan that is functional and has taken the time to understand how my family wants to live in the house. She has a great knowledge of the project from the initial construction stages to the final reveal. She has spent hours helping me pick windows, designed my custom kitchen and vanities,flooring, to the exterior finishings. Anyone building a home I always recommend investing in Lisa. Her talents are endless and her down to earth personality makes her a joy to work with."   -Emma L


"Take all the best elements of a designer and put them together, and you get Lisa Clark. Resourceful, creative, patient, budget-conscious, prompt and fun to work with - I would recommend her to anyone!" -C.L.

"We are in the midst of building our custom dream home and I know that it would not be possible without Lisa's outstanding assistance. There has been many a time where I have had a panic attack about a selection I have made or a problem has come up and Lisa is just a phone call away calming me down or finding a solution. Without Lisa helping me every step of the way, I really do not believe I would have been confident enough to proceed with the project. It is always said that the best compliment is a referral and I have referred many of my friends and colleagues to Lisa for design assistance. Everyone I know who has worked with Lisa has had the same experience we have had. The only downside to working with Lisa is that it is going to come to an end and I am going to miss our chats. I guess there is always the remodel!"  -Christine M

"Lisa is an artist with amazing abilities to make things both functional & beautiful while keeping the budget in line. I would recommend her to all my clients, friends & family for design in projects of all sizes."  - Mammoth Homes

"We were extremely pleased with the help Lisa .gave us .She was always prompt and helpful with all our guestions, both by e-mail and in person.We at senior citizens and Lisa understood that we may not remain in our home as long as a younger couple may. Thus she was careful with our budget,but still gave us us beautiful products and the took into consideration everything we wanted.She also kept in mind what the next owner may want and suggested several options to us that added a bit of money but would be a valuable asset if we needed to sell our home,especially in a hurry.  We are very pleased with what Lisa has done for us.She has a great eye for colour and style and helped us pick a style that was updated ,yet not so modern things would not flow with our more traditional furniture.I would certainly recommend Lisa to others. In fact she did a beautiful job designing a new and modern kitchen for my son. That is why we approached her for help in our home.Referrals are always the most authentic way to get new business." -Alys & Brian T

"Lisa is amazing! I plan on working with her for all my future design needs and would recommend her for both large and small jobs. My husband and I are planning a large renovation to our home in Headingley. We spent months looking at flooring, tile, lighting, kitchen design, plumbing fixtures, etc and could not make any decisions. We were having trouble picturing the final product so we kept changing our minds. I knew I needed to get some professional design help or cancel the renovation. I found Lisa just in time! After my initial meeting with Lisa in our home my excitement about the renovation returned and I felt I was back on track. Lisa helped us finalize all the products and the kitchen design in a very short timeframe. She listened to our needs and concerns and helped us make decisions by narrowing down options and providing great feedback on why she would or would not recommend something while always considering the renovation budget. Her costs are very reasonable and the savings we gained based on her suggestions will easily cover her cost. I would definitely recommend Lisa! Thanks Lisa." -Val

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